The all-new InterPro IPW-TR PRO redefines the boundaries of high-performance computing, integrating the groundbreaking AMD Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series™. This workstation boasts an extraordinary core count, peaking at 96 cores and 192 threads, effortlessly handling highly-threaded applications and workflows. Engineered as a premier single CPU workstation, it delivers unparalleled performance across a spectrum of professional domains, including CAD, design, analysis, video editing, modeling, animation, AI & Deep Learning, VFX, and rendering.

Standard configurations of the IPW-TR PRO are impressively feature-rich, powered by AMD Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series processors, with options ranging from 24 to a staggering 96 cores, catering to the most demanding processing requirements.

The workstation’s capabilities are further augmented by seven PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, enabling support for multiple GPUs and the latest in GPU technology. This allows for peak graphics performance, with the flexibility to accommodate either standard gaming graphics cards like NVIDIA® GeForce™/AMD® Radeon™ or professional-grade GPUs such as NVIDIA® RTX™ and AMD® Radeon Pro™. These cards are certified for all of today’s major professional software applications, as well as the most popular GPU renderers and software plugins.

At its core, the IPW-TR PRO features the innovative AMD® WRX90 chipset, which provides support for PCI-Express 5.0® and up to 144 PCI-Express lanes. This is complemented by dual Intel® 10 Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 7, the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.2, and an 8-channel High-Definition Audio (7.1) system. The workstation can support up to 2TB of ultra-fast, low latency eight-channel DDR-5 memory, ensuring swift and efficient handling of memory-intensive tasks.

In terms of storage, the IPW-TR PRO is exceptionally equipped with four PCIe 5.0 M.2 slots (including support for two 22110 drives), four SATA ports, and two SlimSAS connectors, offering abundant and versatile storage options to meet the needs of high-end professional workloads.

Processor Family

AMD Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series™

No. of CPUs


No. of Cores/Threads

  • 24 Cores / 48 Threads

  • 32 Cores / 64 Threads

  • 64 Cores / 128 Threads

  • 96 Cores / 192 Threads

Maximum RAM

2TB ECC Registered DDR-5

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