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Planning is the key factor when implementing the right hardware and software solution for business.


Workstations designed and optimised for specific software workflows. By understanding your requirements we will ensure you only get value-for-money and don’t invest in bottlenecks or diminishing gains.


Workstations available in multiple form-factors for instances where off-the-shelf solutions just won’t fit.

Hardware and software solutions are quite possibly the biggest IT investment that your company will ever make.

InterPro Workstations provide cost effective and time-saving computing solutions, by designing custom built workstations to suit your business needs. With over 20 years in the corporate computing industry InterPro is a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable IT provider. Our InterPro tech experts will work closely with you and use their extensive knowledge base to access the correct professional workstations for your workflow and help manage your project to ensure your goals are achieved.

InterPro Workstations design, build and configure systems for business which provide high performance computing solutions to ensure your business computing requirements exceed expectations and move your business future forward. Looking to introduce a new computer to your network or upgrade your entire IT infrastructure? Our ranges of professional workstations are built to order, catering for the bespoke computing requirements of both large and small-scale business.

What type of workstation are you looking for?

With two clear ranges – ‘Enterprise’ workstations, using the best in-class enterprise components for both maximum speed and unparalleled reliability and ‘Performance Enhanced’ range for a professionally overclocked solution. InterPro performance tunes these workstations using our many years of optimisation & overclocking experience and by only using the very best in high-performance components. Both ranges are fully backed by InterPro’s first-class technical support, service and 3 year warranty:

Other Products

Enterprise workstations

Offering the best in-class enterprise components for both maximum speed and unparalleled reliability.


Other Products

Performance Enhanced

InterPro design, build and configure pc systems for business that demand a professionally overclocked solution. We will push your system past the default factory speed to achieve optimum performance. InterPro tunes these high spec business workstations using our many years of overclocking experience and by using only premium, high performance components.


Other Products

Mini PC

“Mini PC” systems designed in various small form factors to fit a variety of use cases. Palm-sized 4″x4″ systems, and compact workstations perfect for office use, home working or high performance on-the-go.


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We would love to help you reach the goal of your perfect workstation.

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