NVME Nvidia Adobe Red Hat

The IPW-2UE6 is an extremely high-density render node – featuring six independent mainboards, each incorporating a single AMD® “Milan” EPYC (8, 16, 24, 28, 32, 48, 56 & now 64-Core!) processor. Each CPU features between 64-768MB of cache and high performance 3200MHz ECC Registered DDR-4 memory support (up to 2TB per individual node). Render six jobs at once or combine the CPU capacity to massively cut down on your render times. The IPW-2UE6 is everything you need to be a personal render farm or Ai & Deep Learning cluster.

In addition, the IPW-2UE6 has dedicated BMC IPMI for complete remote management capabilities, dual Intel® PRO/1000 gigabit LAN and hot-swap Serial-ATA III & SAS RAID (optional) capabilities as well as being fully 2.5” SSD & NVMe (M.2) ready.

The IPW-2UE6 is an extremely high-density approach to in-house processing, rendering or analytics; offering first-class efficiency, security, reliability and performance.

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