Desktop Machine

Remote management

Rendering solutions that can be easily controlled via your network/the internet.


Multiple Form Factors

Traditional “PC Tower” style and high-density rackmounted rendering solutions available.


CPU & GPU Optimised

Systems designed around both multiple CPU and GPU rendering capabilities available.

InterPro render nodes offer the ultimate in bespoke rendering solutions for business. Designed to work hard for you, no matter how challenging the working environment, InterPro’s high-performance rendering solutions for business offer increased efficiency in the workplace.

We offer a complete range of high-end rendering computers including professional rack mounted and tower-based solutions, from single-nodes through to high-density clusters. Not on multiple CPU, but multiple GPU solutions are also available. All our rendering systems are built to order to ensure that you can meet both your deadline and your budget.

Powered with Intel® Xeon™ Scalable and AMD® EPYC series processors and available with up to eight NVIDIA® GPUs (for powerful GPU rendering tasks) our rendering systems for business have been designed to offer enhanced performance, when compared to standardised computing products.

Our team possess a wealth of real-world rendering know-how and we will make certain we achieve the right solution for your company’s requirements.

All render nodes feature advanced remote management capabilities as standard so, for ease of use, administrators can remotely monitor and control our high-speed render systems from wherever they may be.

Our Rendering Solutions

All InterPro customers will be backed by our first-class customer service. Our technical support team will be at hand to share their expertise and practical computing knowledge to ensure optimal service from your system.  In addition, all InterPro products are sold with a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Render Tile


Solutions based in 1U, 2U, 3U & 4U racks. Both single CPU and high density systems with multiple ‘nodes’ in one chassis available.

GPU-rendering optimised nodes featuring up to eight GPUs now available.


Workstation Tile


Enhance productivity with an InterPro high-performance professional tower-based render node.

Featuring high core count and fast clock speed CPUs to handle your renders with ease.


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