Compliment your award-winning workstation with professional input devices from market leading brands 3D Connexion and Wacom.

Selecting the correct input devices to fit your needs will extend the functionality of your computer, saving time, boosting productivity, and reducing work-related fatigue.

At InterPro we sell the latest 3D mice, pen displays, pen tablets and stylus pens from award-winning brands 3D Connexion and Wacom.

Wacom®- interactive pen displays, graphic tablets and smart stylus options are designed to expand new realms of computer-based creativity.

3Dconnexion® – Award-winning 3Dconnexion design some of the best 3D motion controllers on the market.

Some of its cutting-edge professional input devices include CadMouse Pro Wireless®, SpaceMouse® and ZBrush®.

SpaceMouse® range – Designed to improve ergonomics and efficiency in CAD driven environments, this 3D mouse alleviates one-sided wrist pain often associated with intensive use and repetitive patterns of movement.

Cad Mouse Pro Wireless® – This full-size mouse offers superior ergonomics and is the ultimate wireless mouse for CAD professionals.

ZBrush® – Fully integrated with SpaceMouse, digital sculpting tool ZBrush offers an unparalleled creative experience, with fluid navigation, intuitive zooming, impressive tool manipulation and interaction from all perspectives.