GPU & GPU Rendering

By adding a GPU coprocessor to your workstation you can leverage heterogeneous computing and take advantage of thousands of GPU-based processing cores.

Accelerate GPU rendering, complex analytics, data-intensive medical, engineering and oil & gas seismic and subsurface processing tasks.

NVIDIA® Tesla™ and Intel® Xeon™ Phi coprocessors provide a massive number of GPU cores and teraFLOPS of performance and come in a variety of configurations to address diverse hardware, software, workload, performance, and efficiency requirements.

Alternatively, by taking advantage of the latest software advances, it’s now possible to accelerate certain 3D rendering tasks using your graphics card(s) with tailored GPU rendering solutions tailored for Octane, Redshift, Corona, Blender, VRay RT, iRay, mental ray, Maxwell, Brazil, Rhino, Keyshot and many, many more.

There is literally no limit to the compatible CPU and GPU renderers you can use on your InterPro GPU Rendering solution.

By using only the very latest and highest quality components and technologies, trust us to ensure you of outstanding performance & unrivalled reliability.

The InterPro IPW-TR & E200CLX can be configured with 4x graphics cards, the IPW-R7IPW-R9 & IPW-CLX can be configured with 3x graphics cards.

InterPro workstations fully support both Windows and Linux.

Intel® X-Series i5 Intel® X-Series i7 Intel® X-Series i9 Intel® Xeon™ NVIDIA Quadro AMD Radeon Pro

NVIDIA Tesla Intel® Xeon™ Phi