InterPro's latest "Skylake" workstation scores 5/5 and wins prestigious "Labs Winner" award at PC Pro magazine - Read the whole review here

"The IPW-SL has the honour of being the fastest workstation this month"

"Thanks to the extra clock speed, the InterPro (IPW-SL) achieved the best Maxon Cinebench...

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Digital Arts Online magazine awards the InterPro IPW-HWE (Haswell-E) workstation it's coveted "Best Buy" award.

"The IPW-HWE was the most powerful single-chip workstation we’ve ever seen – and a lot less expensive than Xeon-based models"

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Develop 3D review InterPro E-Series - E200HWE [v3]. What they say "Perfectly tuned for incredibly fast ray trace rendering and while the single threaded performance takes a hit it’s not as slow as one might expect"

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