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Technical Expertise

Fueled by our unmatched passion for high-performance, professional hardware, we are dedicated to delivering not just the right solution at a competitive price, but also ensuring it performs at its peak potential. Our commitment is to provide you with a seamless, superior experience, tailored to your specific needs.


Latest Technologies

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we guarantee not only the best value for your money but also the highest available performance. We meticulously integrate the latest technologies to ensure that your investment is future-proof, offering longevity and sustained excellence in performance.


Premium quality as standard

Every workstation and rendering solution we offer is carefully assembled by our team of highly skilled professionals. Instead of relying on mass production lines, we focus on quality processes, meticulous care, and attention to detail. By exclusively using best-in-class components, we ensure that each product delivers optimal results.

High performance workstations and render nodes

Our workstations are engineered to deliver peak performance and enhanced productivity across a diverse range of tasks, while also being adaptable to fit various budgetary requirements. At InterPro, our technical teams are not just skilled, but are specialists in their domain. They excel in crafting bespoke workstations that meet the exacting standards of the most demanding professional environments, including server-class and enthusiast applications.

We place a strong emphasis on collaboration with our clients, dedicating ourselves to comprehensively managing IT projects of any scale. This approach allows us to meticulously tailor our high-specification computing solutions, ensuring that we provide professional-grade workstations that align perfectly with both budgetary constraints and project deadlines.

InterPro’s selection of high-performance workstations and render nodes is designed specifically for business use, and each unit is constructed using only the finest components available. This commitment to quality guarantees optimal performance and a level of reliability that is unmatched in the industry. With InterPro, businesses can trust that they are investing in a computing solution that is not only powerful but also steadfast and dependable.

Here to help…

Our goal is to set the industry’s gold standard in support. Each InterPro workstation is handcrafted, leveraging our leading expertise and experience. We commit to exceptional after-sales service, ensuring your ultimate peace of mind. Reflecting our confidence in quality, every workstation and rendering solution comes with a standard 3-year warranty.


Performance you can rely on

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Award-winning workstations from InterPro tailored to your individual software workflow. Designed to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

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Rendering Solutions

High density, massively scalable Intel, AMD and GPU rendering solutions. Enterprise-grade hardware for maximum reliability and performance. All remotely manageable.

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InterPro Mini PC

SFF / Mini PC

Maximum performance from a minimum footprint. 4″ x 4″ small form factor (SFF) systems and portable workstations. Perfect for office use or working from home solutions.

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