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Alert for Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets and Intel® Xeon® C200 Chipsets users


(31/1/2011 - Last updated 12:44pm)
For the exact details and definitions of the issue please see the official press :-


Does this affect my system that you have already shipped to me and will you be offering any recall or replacement?

It does in those customers that have more than 2x SATA devices. Fortunately, as InterPro is trying to be at the cutting edge all the times - we’re only using the SATA-III ports (0 &1) where possible – which are unaffected by this issue. Customers who’s systems that only have 1x SATA-III HDD and 1x Optical drive will never see the issue if the secondary SATA controller is disabled in the BIOS (InterPro will assist with doing this where necessary). For those customers that request one, and those that have more than 2x SATA devices, InterPro is offering a free of charge PCI SATA controller to offload the devices that are connected to the affected SATA ports and ensure people have the correct number of available SATA ports for full peace of mind and future expansion.

Will this affect InterPro's short-term workstation supply?

As far as InterPro Workstations are concerned it is business as usual! Though obviously there is an element of caution, we are fully confident that all systems that are shipped will either be a fully working solution in the short term – with a long term fix available free of charge (i.e. systems with 2x SATA devices), or InterPro will have taken the correct and responsible steps in adding whatever additional hardware is required for a stable solution free of charge. The issue, though unfortunate, is not something that will halt business, and we’re firm in the knowledge that Intel is doing everything in its vast power to rectify the known SATA issue as soon as possible with the least amount of inconvenience to those affected. Every affected mainboard can be replaced free of charge, no questions asked – with the latest revision of ‘fixed’ chipset.


Please note that all other InterPro products and platforms remain unaffected by this issue. - For more information - please keep checking back to this page.